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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, whether its in a residence or commercial setting acts as a large filtration system, over time all the airborne contaminants collect in your carpet.  These contaminants build up and will not allow your carpet to act as a quality filter. Every efficient filtration system needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.  Let Coastal take care of your filtration system. 

We use a low moisture system, which all of our customers love, and we know that you will love as well.  This system uses very little water, agitates, massages and deep cleans all sides of the carpet fiber.  This movement causes the carpet fibers to separate and allow the grease, soil and dirt to be rapidly absorbed into our special cleaning pads.  Coupled with our cleaning agents that are formulated with protector, crystallizing ingredients and tea tree oil extract, you will now have fresh clean carpets that stay clean longer.

In addition our system is quiet, NO open doors, NO hoses, NO over wet carpets, NO dirt attracting residue left behind, NO Risk—Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

For frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning, click here.

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